21 November 2015

On Grammar 01: Present Simple and Present Continuous

This the first of ten 5-minute videos to help you practise English grammar:

Over to you
Please suggest some ways in which we can incorporate such resources in what we provide as part of the BELFAST Programme.

On the history of English in 10 minutes

Clive Anderson guides our thinking through many of the influences on the language.

Over to you
How useful might such short videos be for Learners on the BELFAST Programme?

20 November 2015

On apps for learning English

Explore this site to find some no cost and low cost apps for smartphones and tablets.

Then use your web searching skills to find others of particular interest for yourself.

Over to you

REPLY to give a  comment on what you have found.

On ESOL Nexus

The British Council has provided a substantial amount of material on this site for people living in Britain who want to develop their language skills as well as their knowledge of life in the UK.