11 December 2015

Use this to find out more about new words and how they can be used in English.

On MOOCs 02

What is a MOOC? 
  • MOOC stands for a Massive Open Online Course
  • MOOCs are online courses aimed at large-scale participation using the internet
  • They are similar to university courses, but do not offer academic credit
Find out more:
Over to you
  • Explore this aggregator to explore past, current and forthcoming MOOCs.
  • Post a message to identify a MOOC that you think would be of particular interest for people who are studying management.

On BelfastiTours

Downloadable audio visual walking tours of the city, available FREE in a dozen short sections from http://www.gotobelfast.com/. Or search YouTube.

On herding cats

Over to you
What are the main challenges facing the BELFAST Programme as we move into 2016?

6 December 2015

On blogging

 Sunday 6 December 2015
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I have had this blog since 2002 - a long time ...

In this area I contribute anything that seems likely to be of interest to those I meet, either in teaching or elsewhere.

NOVEMBER 2015: I am starting to mine archives of past postings, from Cavan and elsewhere, to identify some options for a simple but sufficient set of resources for the BELFAST Programme's various stakeholders:
  • Volunteer Teachers
  • Personal Learning Planners
  • Beginners
  • ... ? Absolute Beginners ?
(while familiarising myself with the latest interface).

PLEASE add comments, etc. as we seek to build the virtual community.

On the Yes / No game

Michael Miles had success with this TV game more than half a century ago.
Contestants in a light-hearted quiz game could not use the words YES or NO; nor could they nod or shake their heads.

Michael Miles
host of Take Your Pick

Peter Viney used the idea in Unit 33 of Streamline Connections to provide opportunities for Learners of English to provide and practise more interesting alternatives to YES and NO.
For example:
  • That's right!
  • That's OK!
  • That's correct!
  • OK!
  • That's wrong!
  • That's not correct!

On Down Memory Lane

I have just reactivated the link to Down Memory Lane, a site that contains a growing number of photographs from different towns in the north of Ireland.

Over to you
  • Are there any items here of particular interest to yourself?
  • In what ways might we be able to use such a resources with Learners on the BELFAST Programme?

On China - Kathy Flower

This book, written by Kathy Flower (formerly of International House London), in the worthwhile Culture Smart series provides a guide to the complexities of living in a rapidly changing world power.
Find out more about:
  • Customs, values and traditions
  • Historical, religious and political background
  • Life at home
  • Leisure, social and cultural life
  • Eating and drinking
  • Do's, don'ts and taboos
  • Business practices
  • Communication, both spoken and unspoken.

                                                     Kathy Flower

On meeting a new class for the first time

Please do not take this programme too seriously.
Consider any issues in classroom management.

Over to you
What are the main points you get, as teacher, from this programme?

On MOOCs 01

Over to you
Spend a few minutes exploring www.mooc-list-com to find some current and forthcoming resources of interest to yourself.
Then post a message to tell others what you have found.

On punctuation

Consider the importance of the comma here:
  • It is time to eat, mother.
  • It is time to eat mother.

ON ESOL in the UK and Ireland

English as a Second or Foreign Language

The Wikipedia article has merit.

See also the Skills for Life programme.

Use your online searching skills to identify resources that can support the work you are doing with foreign nationals.
Post a message in which you pass on what you have been able to find to other people who use this site.